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Do you travel home? Are they charged?

Yes, I go to the home or wherever the bride chooses to live in any part of the country. Travel is charged based on the distance from the workshop in Aveiro to the place.
The ideal workplace would have natural light, a bench or table, access to electricity, a mirror and background music.

What happens after our first contact?

After giving me all the information about your day (date, time of the ceremony and location), you will receive the quote and detailed conditions of the desired service as well as my availability. Everyone receives the same information and values ​​(the final value will depend on your choices). After that initial contact, we can schedule a face-to-face meeting / via skype or start the scheduling and reservation process right away.

How can I book?

Several brides book with me a year in advance so I don't recommend you wait until the eve of the wedding to make an appointment. The only way to guarantee my availability is through a signed contract and a signal of the value of the service (20% of the value). This signal is not reimbursed in case of service withdrawal.

What if someone was interested in the same time and date as me?

It is normal to make up and comb more brides a day but in cases of overlapping schedules the first to formalize her reservation will stay with the hour/date.

Can I take a test before making my appointment?

Yes, of course, however please note that only one test is included in the amounts shown on the packs and that it is usually carried out between one to five weeks before your wedding. Each additional test is charged separately.

Should I be accompanied by something specific for the make-up and hairstyle test?

You can bring some inspirations for me to understand what kind of bride you are, photos of the dress, environment, photos of the branch, photos of make-up and hairstyle styles that you like are always welcome, although it is important for the bride to understand that each face is a face and there is no “one size fits all” in beauty.

I ask the bride to come dressed in a white top and some neckline and bringing their accessories is also important.

Can I order the escort service for more hours or even the whole day?

Yes, however, everything will depend on availability. (The budget is also given depending on availability and the date in question).

Do you have a Hairstyle service?

Yes, although I am not a hairdresser, bridal hairstyles is something that I love and the talent and knowledge are ever greater.

Is there a possibility to make up / comb more people for the wedding?

Yes, as long as they are marked in advance and that people are in the same place as the bride. There is the possibility of assistance by professionals in the field.


What is Male Grooming? Do you do?

It is a make-up that consists mainly of skin correction, dark circles and puffiness. It is a very natural type of makeup that is completely imperceptible and very comfortable that will make all the difference in photographic and video work. Upon availability, yes.

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