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In 2016 I realized a dream, I opened my first space!

I searched for months for the perfect space, I was almost staying in a place that I thought was perfect ... But it didn't have to be, because that other space full of light was waiting for me! And it was love at first sight, the light that enters those windows fell in love with me right from the start!

I cried when the key was handed to me and even today I smile whenever I turn the lock to enter the, now, Atelier Paula Pereira Makeup & Beauty.

The Atelier is mine but yours too! A welcoming space where I am often more than a beautician... I become a friend, a confidant!

It is the place where I apply my knowledge in the field of aesthetics (did I say that I am never happy with what I know?!).

And although makeup and hairstyles are my greatest passion, nails and facial beauty make my heart flutter too!

If you feel like visiting me, it's easy! Contact to book. I only work by appointment, because I don't like waiting rooms and although mine is the most beautiful, it is very rare to sit there!


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